Technical investigations

AO Action provides access to a wide range of technical expertise in research institutes and universities. It specialises in drawing together expertise from across traditional disciplines to provide a professional contract research service for industry. AO Action is particularly active in the interface between technical and biological systems (e.g. artificial olfaction), in fundamental sensing technology including material properties, in development of integrated microsystems and signal/data treatment and analysis.

Research management

AO Action initiates and manages research on behalf of private clients and consortia. It brings together stakeholders and supply chains to access public funding and ensures that each meets their objectives for participating. AO Action is currently providing exploitation expertise and technical coordination to the GOSPEL Network of Excellence in artificial olfaction and the NETCARITY Integrated Project in ambient assisted living.

Technology sourcing

AO Action helps companies to identify the most appropriate technologies for their application. It can support technology acquisition planning by development of roadmaps, introductions to researchers etc. AO Action provides a confidential interface between companies and the research community.